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look at all the faces of ParaPara!!
YAY! Multimedia!!

Well, well...look who the cat dragged in..okiez..sorry, I'm kind of..acting crazy. ^^;;; Umm...enjoy this little multimedia section..and if there's any problems, please report them to me! Thanks.

- Pictures of ParaPara and a few of the whole Amazon group. YEA!!

RealVideo Clips
- Little show clips with our special guest, ParaPara!!! And maybe some of the whole AQ.

Sounds *coming*
- Here are some little sound clips from SM with ParaPara talking. (no, these don't belong in the RealPlayer section)

Fanart *coming*
- Some fanart by some fans! (not funny..) This isn't open, but please, if you have any fanart, send them to me.


oooohh!!! All the faces of ParaPara!!!