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linkies!!! you might as well go to a nice one!

Leaving?? Oh well, as long as you go to a nice one, that's fine by me! Here's my little list of fav. AQ sites. Please don't ask me to link to you...but I MIGHT make an exception if you link to me, hardeeharhar....^^


Angels of the Amazon
- Wow! Kristi did an awesome job on this site!! I think this is a good site to go to if you want to learn 'bout the AQ!

ParaPara House
- I think this was the FIRST AQ page I ever landed on, and it's one of the best! It's a shrine to ParaPara and it's got tons of info on her.

Bouncing Balls
- Woo!! I really like this site!!! It's a great shrine to our special guest, ParaPara!!!

- Very nice shrine to CereCere by Chibi Alis. It has a lot of informations on her. The graphics are nice and so are her layouts!

The Amazone
- She has a great collection of images on both the AQ and the Trio.

- She has a lot of nice pages and she has a very nice collection of AQ pictures!

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