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profiles on the other AQ members

CereCere is a little picky and a little spoiled. (no offense to people who like her) She likes to be perfect and she is very elegant. CereCere usually wears yellow and so is her ball. CereCere has three attacks: ball attack, seeds of unhappiness, and ball opening.

JunJun is boyish and acts pretty much like Sailor Jupiter. JunJun is usally considered kinder than the other members of the Amazoness Quartet. JunJun's attacks are the ball attack (duh), rolling ball, and ball escape. JunJun's main color is green.

VesVes is a little impatient, especially with ParaPara when she starts acting like a crybaby. VesVes's main color is red. She has the most attacks from what I've seen. Ball attack, ball net, ball binding, ball enclosure, ball peeping, and ball glancing.