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ParaPara's Anime/Manga Info

In anime, ParaPara first appears in episode 150. ParaPara's name is PallaPalla in the anime, but I'm not going to call her that in any of my profile stuff because I'm used to saying ParaPara. The AQ appear right after the Trio. ParaPara is very strange and talks in the third person and says thing like, "ParaPara wants to play." Instead of using I. Para is very childish, yet cute. She likes to play with dolls and she sleeps with stuffed animals (just like me!).

ParaPara is much more different in the anime. She's more childish. She would rather play with dolls than attack enemies. The AQ ignore her a lot because she's somewhat annoying when she begs them to play with her. I really like it when ParaPara turns the dentist scene in a play into an actual dentist office and when she puts on a puppet show for these kids.

ParaPara's attack are the ball attack, ball swing, ball making, ball control, and reverse ball. (Lots of balls, eh?) The ball attack is what all the all the members in the AQ has. ParaPara's ball is blue. The ball swing turned the dentist scene into a real office. Ball making was used to make a life-sized doll of Sailor Chibimoon. Ball control made little voo-doo dolls of the sailor senshi where she was able to control them. Reverse ball was used to change Sailormoon's and Sailor Chibimoon's ages around.

In manga, ParaPara first appears with the rest of the Dead Moon Circus in Act 34 Volume 12. In the manga, ParaPara isn't as childish and she doesn't play around as much. I personally thought she was actually mature in the manga, although I didn't enjoy it because I liked it in the anime. She does a very good job in trying to hurt the senshi. ParaPara was later killed by Sailor Saturn (my other favorite character!) and captured by Zirconia in little tiny balls.

Later on, Princess Serenity frees them and they turn in sailor senshi! ParaPara is then Saillor Pallas. The AQ were meant to be good and to protect Chibi-usa when she becomes a true soldier. Then, they leave and come back later on. Sailor Pallas then goes into the past with Chibi-usa to help Sailormoon fight Galaxia, then again later t do the same.